Wednesday, August 11, 2010

tennis, anyone?

I'm not a big tennis fan, but when I was given a pair of tickets to the Rogers Cup tennis tournament here in Toronto, I was excited to go because Roger Federer was playing. Hey, if I'm going to watch my first live tennis match, it may as well be to watch one of the best, right?

The Rogers Cup tournament annually takes place in Toronto and Montreal and alternates every year - this year the men play in Toronto and the women play in Montreal and next year they flip.

Currently ranked number 3 in the world, Roger Federer has won 16 grand slam tournaments (a mens player record) and was playing against Juan Ignacio Chela.

Look at the crowd! I think the stadium was full (it holds 10,500, according to their web site) on a Tuesday night!

Federer won 7-6, 6-3 and I'm now officially a Roger Federer fan. :)

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mizdarlin said...

Cool...but I'd hitchhike to Toronto to see Rafe Nadal (or Nadoll, as I call him!)