Friday, June 26, 2009

in the cafe spotlight: beeandbee


Featured Etsian: beeandbee (we got to interview Erica, half of this creative duo)
Shop link:

Give us the basics:
Beeandbee is a collaboration between two college friends who share a love of photography. Even though we are both Florida girls, Katie was born in Virginia and I (Erica) in Maryland. We were exposed to art in all mediums at a very early age, but only recently started seeing the world through frames ;)

What’s your favourite smell?
I think we both have to agree that home is our favorite smell.

Tea Time

How long have you been doing your craft?
Katie's been into photography for a bit longer than me but I'm trying to catch up ;)

Who/What inspires you in your craft?
I think the real beauty of Beeandbee is that we inspire each other. It's nice to have someone else out there in the field with you who supports you and helps you grow as an artist.

Copper Field

What's a normal day for you?
Our normal days up at school are monotonous until the weekend hits - that's when we have the time to go out and explore unmarked trails and shoot all day. We love trying to find new places to photograph and have had quite the adventure from time to time! In our eyes, it's totally worth it.

What advice would you give Etsy sellers just starting out?
Starting an Etsy shop took a lot of preparation on our part; you have to look at it as a dedicated investment. Make sure you have something that sets you apart from the others and that would have a large audience. We received so much support from the Etsy & Blogging community before setting up, so we recommend you test the water before diving in ;)

How do you discover new things on Etsy?
I'm the "blogger bee" out of the two of us so I'm always reading about featured Etsy sellers. Twitter is also a great way to find and links of new items being listed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

in the cafe spotlight: prettycooljewels + GIVEAWAY

Necklace, - Queen Jane Approximately -

Featured Etsian: prettycooljewels
Shop link:

Give us the basics:
I will be celebrating the 9th anniversary of my 27th birthday at the end of July. I am married, and a stay at home mom to 3 boys (ages 13, 4, and 2 1/2). We live in a tiny house on the edge of Chester County, Pa (large Amish community just over the county line, next door in Lancaster County, Pa). We have 2 Westie dogs and 1 blue fronted Amazon parrot. We are Christian hippies, trying to be more and more eco conscious every day. I bake my own bread, dry my laundry on a clothes line...just trying to live a much simpler version of the "good life"!

What’s your favourite smell?
It's tough to pick just one, but probably vanilla...sounds so, vanilla, I know. I also really like Nag Champa...and amber essential oil...

Necklace, - New Minglewood Blues -

How long have you been doing your craft?
About 20 years. In high school I made all of my hippy friends single strand multi colored "hippy bead" necklaces, and everyone LOVED them. I ended up making more for other kids at school...and I was hooked. In college I started weaving and peyote stitch beading, and sold some things to Hippy stores in the area.

Then I didn't do much for several years after the birth of my first son, until about 5 years ago I started up again with wire work (instead of weaving) and loved it!

Who/What inspires you in your craft?

I always say I make what my brain tells me to make! It sounds crazy, but I don't feel that I have a muse or anything, I just look at the beads and stones and findings until the way they are "supposed" to go together comes into my head, and that's the way I create. I love the process of digging through my supplies! I surround myself with little piles, and sort them back and forth - sometimes I plan several projects at once just sitting on the floor!

Earrings, - Eyes of the World -

What's a normal day for you?
I would not say anything about my day is normal! 8^) But with 2 kids still at home all day (and I babysit a 1 yr old M-F 40 hours a week too) I try to schedule, schedule, schedule, and stick to it! I block out chunks of my day that I can work while the kids are busy playing - or napping! And after the kids bedtime is a busy time for me to get work done, too. I try to leave flexability in my "blocks" of time, so I can do anything from catch up on email, Facebook, Twitter, and my Blog: I can set up pieces to be made, work on jewelry making itself, or I also make individual display cards by hand for each of my jewelry pieces. I try not to plan my "blocks" too far ahead, because if you don't FEEL like doing any particular aspect of your work at that moment, and you force yourself to do it anyway, it always comes out crappy (which makes me cranky 8^)

What advice would you give Etsy sellers just starting out?
Believe in what you are doing, DON'T GIVE UP, and don't be shy about telling ANYONE who will listen about your shop/items/passion! All advice I tell myself everyday, because I struggle with being shy about self promotion, and when your pieces (made with love) don't sell, it's easy to get discouraged!

How do you discover new things on Etsy?
I am a HUGE fan of POUNCE! Especially the "undiscovered" pounce! My shop is only 2 months old, and I want to support other "newbies" too. I will pounce and heart people's shops and items for's nice to get some encouragement, and there are so so many talented artisans on Etsy!

Now, how about a GIVEAWAY?
Diana of prettycooljewels has generously offered to host a giveaway here on pandacub cafe! ONE lucky winner will receive a cute pair of flower barrettes.

Value (including the free shipping): $12 USD

Here's how to enter:
Visit prettycooljewels' shop, then come back here and tell me what your favorite thing in her shop is! Just leave it in a comment on this post.

Want extra entries? (you must complete the first entry above before doing these)
- 1 extra entry: Follow this blog. Leave a comment telling me that you've become a Follower or that you were already a Follower
- 3 extra entries: Blog about this giveaway on your blog with a link back to this post. Leave a comment here and include the URL where I can see your post

Remember to leave your email address IN EVERY COMMENT so I can contact you if you win! The prize will be shipped directly to you from prettycooljewels after I forward your contact info to her.

- This contest will run from June 24, 2009 to midnight (EST) July 10, 2009.
- Winner is chosen randomly using a Random Number Generator.
- Winner will be announced on this blog a few days after the contest ends.
- This giveaway is open worldwide.


Monday, June 22, 2009

what's new in the shop

I picked up a set of super-adorable pendants and I've paired them up with some little glass flowers that I had lying around. And voila! A new line of necklaces. The first "little lady" made her appearanace in the pandacub shop tonight:

Watch for more colour combinations and little ladies coming soon!

Friday, June 19, 2009


My sister wanted to see some more pics of my little newt, so here he is. I think he's the cutest thing ever!

Haha, I like to think he's curling his tail into this S shape because it's my initial - Stephanie. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

n is for newt

N is for Newt by englishmuffinshop

I'm still in total adoration of my new little newt, Habanero, (photos coming soon) that I did a quick search on Etsy to see what other little "newt" tributes were out there. Hmmm, search word "newt" only turned up less than 2 pages of handmade things?

My little Chinese Fire Belly doesn't look like this Western Newt, but he's kinda cute too.

Western Newt by SandraHealy

Now, this little buy is also cute, in his own yellowy, puffy way. And he has the funniest name (oh, wait, right, he's sensitive about that!) I mean - he has the loveliest name!

Barnaby by tinyoyster

Thursday, June 11, 2009

bobby pins aren't just silver anymore!

I was thinking of ways to introduce new hair accessories into my shop and discovered these brightly coloured bobby pins that are PERFECT for spring and summer! Add a pop of colour to your hair! More colours coming soon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2nd Annual Yart Sale

pandacub is participating in the 2nd Annual Yart Sale Sponsored by Team ESST ~ June 10-14.

Check out the "YART Sale" section in my shop for some great deals on many pandacub favourites - items added daily!

Also, during the sale, enjoy a $1 flat rate shipping fee (buy any number of items in one transaction and the shipping fee is only $1 worldwide!)

Readers of the pandacub blog get an extra treat offered to no one else - a free fabric button brooch with every purchase! You can choose a cat or a robot, just add this note to the "Notes to Seller section" when you make your purchase:
- for a cat, use code "pandacub blog - cat"
- for a robot, use code "pandacub blog - robot"

Monday, June 8, 2009

want a chip?

I was at a farmer's market/flea market a few weeks ago and there was a stall that was selling British foods. Some of you may know - I'm obsessed with England. And I've declared my love of British candies for a couple of years now.

But, one other thing I noticed when I was in London a couple of years ago (for the first time) - the chip flavours over there are SO cool!

So, when I saw these cute trial packs, I had to pick up a few. I won't even bother saying what the chip flavours are - I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

are you on facebook?

I've just created a "fan page" for pandacub on Facebook. So if you want like my things, and want to get in on some special Facebook fan-only things, then saunter over to my Fan page and become a fan of pandacub!

pandacub Facebook fan page

What can you expect by becoming a fan? Well, it's still pretty new, but I'm thinking that this Fan Page will be where I post:
- lots of product photos
- special Facebook fan discounts and promos
- a chance for you to get in on discussions and help me create new accessories you want

Hope to see you as a fan soon!

p.s. For those not on Facebook, don't worry - you'll still get lots of sneak peeks and early sales notices here on my blog!

Monday, June 1, 2009

st. jacobs

On Saturday, hubby and I got up early and made our way to the town of St. Jacobs, about an hour's drive away to check out their Farmer's Market.

There was lots of fruits and veggies, but I was more enthralled with the horse drawn carriages.

And (okay, this is a little weird) I got a newt! I've always wanted one, but they're kind of hard to find but I got one. He's adorably cute and little and I named him "Habanero"...for a variety of reasons that I won't get into here. I love him!