Tuesday, June 16, 2009

n is for newt

N is for Newt by englishmuffinshop

I'm still in total adoration of my new little newt, Habanero, (photos coming soon) that I did a quick search on Etsy to see what other little "newt" tributes were out there. Hmmm, search word "newt" only turned up less than 2 pages of handmade things?

My little Chinese Fire Belly doesn't look like this Western Newt, but he's kinda cute too.

Western Newt by SandraHealy

Now, this little buy is also cute, in his own yellowy, puffy way. And he has the funniest name (oh, wait, right, he's sensitive about that!) I mean - he has the loveliest name!

Barnaby by tinyoyster

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