Sunday, August 15, 2010

brave new world

Yesterday some friends joined me and my husband and we travelled to the lovely town of Stratford a little west of Toronto to check out a play at the Stratford Festival. (Yes, for you Bieber fans out there - this is his hometown).

The Stratford Shakespeare Festival runs from April to November and is very well known around the world for it's productions of Shakespearean plays. The Festival does put on other plays (for example, Peter Pan is currently on right now as well), but Shakepeare's work typically counts for about a quarter of the Festival's offerings.

We were lucky enough to get tickets to see Shakespeare's The Tempest, which is pretty much sold out. It's a popular draw this year because the amazing Christopher Plummer was playing the lead role of Prospero.

Stratford is a sweet little town and obviously, a lot of its economy is based on the Fetival.

Here's the large Festival Hall, one of several theatres that hosts the plays (Festival Hall is the largest one)

This is a metal statue of Shakespeare that stands in the Festival Hall gardens. It's actually a little spooky - it has kind of robotic "Terminator" eyes. haha.

The play itself was truly amazing. I'm not one for plays, but this one was spectacular. Plummer is a powerful presence on stage and I can understand all the acting accolades he's received in his lifetime. What an experience!

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mizdarlin said...

How nice for you to get the opportunity to see Plummer in that role..he is an amazing actor, and world famous, which we Canadians tend to forget..he's all ours!
I'd love to see him do live theatre, so thanks for sharing...♥