Sunday, January 17, 2010


Let me start this post off by saying I never win anything. Nothing. Ever. My sister, on the other hand, wins things all the time. She must have gotten the "luck" gene from my parents.

Anyhow, I rarely bother entering contests because of my lack of luck, but once in a while there are contests that I can't resist - cute handcrafted dolls, unique prints...and candy. :)

So I threw my name in to the Sweet Lollipop Shop's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway back in November and then forgot about it. Imagine my surprise when I got an email telling me I won!!!

I was soooo excited!

I won 2 YUMMY bags of their Crystal Jewels Barley Hard Candy - in "Egg Nog Delight" and in "Cranberry".

The Crystal Jewels candy come in perfect bite-size and last quite a long time. I love having the bag at my desk at work for a quick pick-me-up whenever I have a sweet craving. Now I'm hooked. The best thing is that the Sweet Lollipop Shop has soooo many flavours to choose from that there's something for everyone.

And they don't just sell Crystal Jewels candy - they also sell fun-shaped lollipops as well. You can check out all their tempting goodies in their Etsy shop - Sweet Lollipop Shop.

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Suziesaurus said...

whao - those look & sound amazing!