Sunday, February 1, 2009

my goals for 2009 - update 1

So, back in early January, I made some goals for myself for the year - and I thought it would be fun to see every month how I'm doing with each goal. Here's my first update!

Ok, first the more vague ones, like:
* cook more often and try new recipes (oh, and eat healthier too) - so far I have baked more this year than I did all of last year
* keep building my Etsy shop, pandacub - working on it
* spend more time with friends and family - having a great time doing this one!
* continued supporting the craft/handmade movement - definitely have been doing this

Alright, now the ones I can actually keep track of:
* read 50 books this year - finished 3 so far
* buy a house
* blog at least once a week - keeping up with this one so far!
* hit 250 sales by the end of the year (starting off 2009 with 59 sales) - up at 75
* get rid of all my old magazines by scanning and keeping only the useful articles

I'm hoping to add a few more goals to the list, but haven't been inspired to do acutally commit to anything else yet.

How about you? How have your resolutions or goals been coming along? Or do you have any suggestions for me? LOL.

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