Monday, January 5, 2009

new fabric means new products

Back in early December I bought some new fabric and I finally made some cute new accessories for my shop and got them listed. Here's a few of the new products - aren't they adorable?

Cute new bumblebees (I also got this fabric in brown, but I love the blue!)

Haha, this little dachshund was too long for one magnet! :)

I've been looking for this little sailor boy fabric for the longest time and finally found some on Etsy at a great price, so here he is! Isn't he adorable?

At the Holiday Trunk Show at the workroom back in early December, my robot magnets sold out super quick and I had to remind myself to stock up on the robot fabric whenever I can. And I was also asked to expand the robot "offerings" in my shop. So here are some robot bobby pins for the techie gals!


Beth said...

How fun! I like the robot stuff as well as the 2 magnet dog.

Sinje Ollen said...

This is wonderful artwork. Is there a panda button, too?

pandacub said...

Sinje - LOL, would you believe there isn't any panda buttons in my shop yet? I've ordered some fabric with cute little pands on them but it hasn't arrived yet. I can't wait for it to arrive so I can finally get some panda items into my shop! :)

Suziesaurus said...

omigosh - i love those weiner dogs!!!!!!

futuregirl said...

The robots are adorable! :) You make great stuff.