Monday, February 21, 2011

discovering tea: uji no tsuyu green tea with roasted rice

brand: uji no tsuyu
tea type: green tea with roasted rice
brew method: teabag

loose leaf, teabag or other: teabag

colour of brewed tea: light reddish brown

My sister recently dropped off several of these tea bags for me to try out and I was intrigued because of the "roasted rice" mention on the tea bag. It's something I've never seen on tea before, so it would be something totally new for me.

The tea steeps into a nice light brown colour within a few minutes and has a pretty strong aroma, which wasn't typical of green tea. I think it was the roasted rice. It was pretty strong - not sweet or fragrant...almost like a burnt rice smell.

I don't know if the smell turned me off but I didn't enjoy this tea at all. It had a weird taste that I can't really place, but not something I've ever had with the green teas I've tried before.

I left my cup on the coffee table and my husband caught a whiff of the tea and told me that it smelled "horrible" - this coming from another green tea fan. So, I guess this is tea is definitely in the "never again" pile for us!


Suziesaurus said...

haha - not the tea for you guys!

jowdjbrown said...

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