Sunday, August 22, 2010

hmmm...i think more training is needed

Although my husband and I have been trying to eat healthier for the past couple of years, but every so often we like to cheat a little and be very bad.

One of our weaknesses is McDonald's and so whenever we go, I tend to get a Big Mac. Mmmm, Big Mac.

Anyhow, the last time we went to our local McDonald's, we did the drive-through so didn't see our food until we got home. So when I opened my Big Mac box, this was what was waiting for me:

LOL! The person who put my Big Mac together put both patties on the bottom. Seriously? How hard is it to put together a Big Mac? So basically, I tossed the top bun and turned it into a double cheeseburger.

It's funny, in a really sad sort of way.


mizdarlin said...

Whenever I break down and have a Big Mac (and it isn't often) I do this myself-remove the middle bun half..I feel marginally less guilty, and the sandwich actually tastes better, too...
Want to take this opportunity to thank you for my button..very probably came before this but I only check my mail about once or twice a week..thankfully, I get a minimum of the stuff..but your kind of mail is always welcome!

Stephanie/pandacub said...

You're very welcome! And thank YOU again for the sweet poem! :)