Tuesday, July 13, 2010

unscientific giveaway poll and celebration giveaway update

pandacub is celebrating its second anniversary on August 20 (yes, the store opened on Etsy almost two years ago - how quickly time flies!) and I'm already thinking of a spectacular giveaway to celebrate, but I want your input.

Leave me a comment and help me think up creative ways to hold a giveaway! I need help with two parts:

1. What should people do to be entered? Something simple, like the usual "leave a comment"? Or something more involved?

2. What would you want to win? Would you prefer specific items from the shop? Or a gift certificate so you can choose what you want to get?

The more suggestions, the better, so start those creative thoughts and comments coming!

And an update on my previous giveaway that just ended:

Congratulations to the winner of the celebration giveaway - dhesh!

Dhesh chose the flaunt bobby pins in purple (a very popular choice). They're already made and on their way to South Africa!


little Liz said...

I really like the gift certificate idea for a prize!

mizdarlin said...

I would think that the gift certificate would be the best gift..
Hmm, what to do..well, how about a poem..or a really outrageous description of their favourite thing in your shop..
..The orange blossom necklace
is never out of place
worn with a flair
any time, anywhere :^P