Sunday, July 11, 2010

pandacub cream

Toronto has just gone through a week-long heat wave. And since last winter, when it was -39 degrees C and icy, I vowed never to complain about the heat again, I didn't say one negative thing about the heat. But I did have lots of cold drinks handy!

One thing I didn't have a lot of, and would like more of, is ice cream!

Top row:
1. Crochet Pattern - FRUITY ICE CREAM - Play food, $5.99 by skymagenta
2. Ii is for Ice Cream, $14.00 by ModernPop
3. PDF Printable- Kawaii Pink and Green Ice Cream Trucks, $2.50 by paperglitter

Middle row:
4. Personalized Ice Cream Ice Cream Man Bowls with Handles (set of 4), $55.00 by happiestdaysdesigns
5. Roscata Pastel Ice Cream Cone Purse Charm Bag Charm, $18.00 by roscata
6. Big Scoop, $50.00 by CharleneFreemanArt

Bottom row:
7. Cat Art- Stolen Cone - Print, $18.00 by amberalexander
8. with a cherry on top - 5x7 fine art photograph, $15.00 by heidiherrera
9. Grape and kiwi ice cream cone post earrings, $8.00 by mmagda

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