Monday, June 7, 2010

pandacub shops local, france

Wow, I haven't don't a "pandacub shops local in..." feature in months! I had so much fun "shopping local" in Ireland last time that this time I stayed in Europe and headed to Paris.

In a city known for it's romance and it's good taste (in fashion and in food), I knew I'd find some great Etsy sellers here!

So now that pandacub has checked out Etsy sellers in Paris - where should I "shop local" next? (Check out all the posts under "pandacub shops local" to see where else I've been!)

Left to right:
Top row:
1. Original abstract painting,acrylic on canvas 27,6 high x 59,1 wide in inches - One of a kind, $300.00 by nataera
2. Lola swings...knitting canvas, $45.00 by okapiknits
3. Floral strapless Dress with Bow - black red and blue vintage cotton - OOAK, $235.00 by malam

Middle row:
4. Parisian Beatnik Girl, $15.00 by sunnybuick
5. Deep water... Something blue, $159.00 by MaryzAigredou
6. Croissants and Pains au Chocolat - 1/12 miniature, $30.00 by PetitPlat

Bottom row:
7. France (Bordelais), $40.00 by GoldenCathy
8. Valentina Gown, $300.00 by HMSlatex
9. CLAUDE Shoulder bag Charcoal Grey in Gray Leaves with double straps, $54.00 by ikabags

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