Saturday, June 5, 2010

go sock monkey!

A few years ago, I met a really warm and friendly gal named Lindsey at a craft show that we were both vendors at. It was my first time selling pandacub accessories at a show and Lindsey, who was my "neighbour" in the display area was super friendly and chatty and made me feel right at home.

Lindsey runs Operation Sock Monkey, an initiative that supports Clowns Without Borders South Africa (CWBSA). CWBSA is an amazing organization that provides laughter, hope and healing to communities affected by HIV/AIDS.
Operation Sock Monkey (OSM) raises funds by creating sock monkeys. You can either purchase sock monkeys for yourself, or sponsor them to be sent to children who are in need of a smile. OSM also regularly hosts sock monkey workshops and teaches others to create these whimsical little bundles of joy (below is my little Sock Elephant from Lindsey).

Anyhow, I've always wanted to support OSM in some way, but lack the sewing ability and time to create my own army of sock creatures, so I've come up with a small way in which pandacub (and you!) can help OSM. I've always had these adorable sock monkey brooches in my shop, but now, every sock monkey brooch purchased will be helping OSM.

Every time someone buys a sock monkey brooch from pandacub, I will donate $1.50 to OSM (which is 50% of the selling price of the brooch). I'm hoping that with your help, we can help OSM and CWBSA continue to bring smiles and laughter to children who are in much need of it.

There will be lots of new sock monkey brooches appearing in the pandacub shop soon (so far, they are available on a red background, but coming soon will be blue and yellow backgrounds), so please, for a few dollars - help me support OSM and the awesome work that they do!

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