Saturday, June 26, 2010

launch of a new blog

Yes, because I don't have enough to do (besides a full-time job, an Etsy shop, 3 blogs, etc) I've just launched a new blog!

"give me crafty" is a new blog that I hope you will all make use of. It's a giveaway promotion blog because I love handmade and I want to support and promote it even more actively, but I didn't want to flood this blog with giveaway listings, since this blog is more of a personal one.

So, if you love getting free handmade goodies, or you have a giveaway that you want to promote, please head over to give me crafty - the submission process is super easy and I'm going to work hard to promote the blog and your giveaways!

Go to the give me crafty blog now.


Claude said...

I just took a look and became a follower right away! Thank you so much for this!

May I suggest you write if the prize is only for the US or international? I realize this would be added work and I'll understand if you completely ignore me. :) But I'm Canadian with only a limited time on the internet. I always appreciate it when it's made clear whether a giveaway is open to me or not so that I don't waste my precious minutes!

Thanks again!

pandacub said...

Claude - definitely! I try to list who's eligible for the giveaways as often as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of people still don't list that when they host their giveaways.

Hopefully as give me crafty gets busier and more people use the submission form, they'll provide me with the info since I ask for it.

I'm in Canada too and it's so frustrating not being eligible for everything!