Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i feel the earth move under my feet...

So...there I was, sitting in a meeting room with my manager, discussing my work objectives for 2010 (which my performance review will be based on at the end of the year) and all of a sudden the room started to vibrate.

For the first 5 seconds, we didn't really pay attention (sometimes when large trucks go by or they're moving large furniture in the office, the floor vibrates), but when it lasted for more than 10 seconds, we kind of started thinking, "um...what's going on?"

When other people started peeking out of meeting rooms and cubicles, asking if anyone else was feeling it, we knew something was happening.


Yep, Toronto (where I am) felt tremors. Apparently, there was a 5.0 magnitude earthquake close to Canada's capital, Ottawa and the quake was felt in Ontario, Quebec and parts of northern US.

Eeek! Pretty scary stuff.

What's even scarier is that almost within minutes, people were online hawking t-shirts, buttons and other "memorabilia" centred around "Canada's 2010 earthquake". I think it's really silly (and kind of stupid and tempting fate) to buy anything that says you survived a 2010 earthquake when there's still over 6 months left in 2010, don't you?


Claude said...

I'm in Quebec and it happened while I was sweeping the floor. I asked my kids: "Did you feel that?" but they were too engrossed in their TV show to notice, lol!

I called my husband at work, but he works in a glass shop with a huge machine that is super loud and makes everything tremble, so of course he felt nothing.

pandacub said...

Hi Claude!

Haha, the best reaction was my co-worker who called home to see if her kids were all right. They were in the backyard on the trampoline so they didn't feel a thing! :)

Note to self - be on a trampoline next time there's an earthquake!