Wednesday, May 19, 2010

cute, but kind of useless things i buy

Seriously, I'm out of control. In the past couple of months my husband and I have been trying very hard to save money because we're hoping to buy a house this year.

And we've been doing pretty well. We have really cut back on eating out and have been finding lots of other ways to save a few pennies here and there. But every so often we like to treat ourselves so that we don't feel too deprived and start resenting each other.

Anyhow, even with these "indulgent" purchases, I've been pretty good and haven't spent too much, but seriously, the things I've been buying as my "reward" are completely useless...but totally cool (well, cool to me).

Here are 4 purchases I've made recently that I really, seriously did not need at all. But they made me smile.

This panda bear doesn't do anything, but his head bobs from side to side. It's powered by a solar panel in the front and he sits on my desk and watches me work. It's so funny when it gets enough power and his head starts moving without warning. (I can't remember how much this cost, I think it was $10)

Another panda purchase - this one is slightly more practical. It's a USB key! The panda is the carrying case, but I haven't used it yet because I like seeing the bamboo and paw prints on the key. ($20)

This is completely useless, but sooo cute. It's a wind-up music box. The store I got it at only had a few songs available, but I found out on the company's website that there's over 30 songs (I NEED to get "Moon River", and "My Funny Valentine" and all the Beatles songs...and "Stairway to Heaven" for my husband, and..oh boy). Anyhow, the one I have right now plays "La Vie en Rose" ($10)

I just bought this one today and it was totally an impulse buy. They're nesting dolls, but each part of each doll is a measuring cup and all of them are different measurements! Cute and practical! ($15)

Ok, so what do you think of my little shopping problem? A total waste of money or extreme cuteness?


KtOriginals said...

i LOVE the nesting dolls as measuring cups! they're so cute!

Elephunk said...

The nestle doll measuring cups and the solar powered bobble panda are amazing! Although the panda might freak me out a little.

Gretchen said...

I have those measuring cups!
Bought them at Urban Outfitters.

I dont use them, they just sit in my kitchen window and look super cute!!


Sharon said...

Oh, the pandas, the pandas! Please leave them to me in your will.

Ahem. I too am ever-so-slightly panda obsessed.