Friday, May 14, 2010

art star craft bazaar

I've heard that this weekend is going to be nice and sunny in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

Yes, I know I live in Toronto, so why am I happy that it's sunny in PA? Because the lovely Alex of Hello Bluebird will be setting up a booth at the Art Star Craft Bazaar and she'll be selling (among many other lovely crafty finds) pandacub accessories!

So, if you're in the neighbourhood, you should definitely check this event out!

With over 100 local and national artists, the Art Star Craft Bazaar is an outdoor art and craft show (that's why I'm happy that it's sunny). There are lots of lovely things to be found, including housewares, dolls, prints, clothing, accessories, sculpture and other one-of-a-kind creations.

When: Saturday, May 15 from 11am-6pm and Sunday, May 16 from 11am-6pm
Where: Philadephia, Pennsylvania at Penn's Landing Great Plaza (on Columbus Blvd between Walnut St and Chestnut St.

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