Monday, March 8, 2010

pandacub wants...lemons

I love lemons. I love how cheerfully yellow they are. And the smell - it's so fresh! And I love a nice lemonade...and lemon candy...and lemon sorbet...mmmm.

Top row:
1. Lite, Low-Cal, Low-Fat Lemon Love Cheesecake, $15.00 by GoomasGoodies
2. Hand Painted Modern Lovely Lemon Slice Recycled Wall Clock, $14.99 by bearlyart
3. Lemons in a bowl - original oil painting - 6x6, $58.00 by sharonschock

Middle row:
4. Lemon Verbena Handmade Soap, $5.00 by seaspritesoaps
5. Lemons on Blue -5 x 5 Fine Art Photography Print, $15.00 by JenniferAitchison
6. Dollhouse miniature Lemon Meringue Pie, $8.00 by BlueKittyMiniatures

Bottom row:
7. Lemonade Cross Stitched Refrigerator Magnet, $12.00 by DefiantDamsel
8. Meyer Lemons Sandwich Sak, $7.50 by WasteNotSaks
9. Lemon Sugar Lip Balm, $3.50 by FlourishBathBody


Blue Kitty Miniatures said...

A lovely collection and thank you for including my miniature.

Stephanie said...

So sunny and cheerful and full of lovely lemony goodness -- beautiful!

Jennifer Aitchison said...

I love Lemons too! Thanks for the feature in yor beautiful blog :)

DefiantDamsel said...

Thanks for the feature!

Lemons are my absolute favorite smell in the world :-)

Suziesaurus said...

oh my - those look so yummy! i love lemons too!!!! i remember they were always my favorite scent growing up! those smelly markers!!!