Thursday, August 27, 2009

pandacub wants...apples

I don't know why, but autumn always makes me think of apples. Crisp, juicy apples. Or apple pie. mmmmm....

Wait, I just noticed that I seem to do a lot of features on food! haha!

Left to right:

Top Row:
1. Appreciate Your Teachers Sugar Cookies, $15.00 by sugarcookiecouture
2. The Little Apple Tree Soap, $5.50 by sunbasilgarden
3. Scrabble Tile Pendant - Twilight Bite, $5.95 by ThePendantFactory

Middle row:
4. Reusable Cloth Sandwich Bag -- Fresh Red Apple, $6.00 by RosyUndPosy
5. Fresh apples - Canvas pouch, $18.00 by Happybee
6. Gus, $19.00 by flowerhead

Bottom row:
7. Granny Smith, $9.00 by BRadleyBB
8. Adorable Apple Cozy, Hand-Crocheted, $8.50 by UnravelMe
9. The Purist's Caramel Apple, $7.00 by sugarsmitten


Rosina said...

Oh my goodness so much apple goodness!! I am totally smitten with that sweet little apple cozy *grin*. Thanks so much for including my sandwich bag :)

Happybee said...

I looooove apples too!!!!
thanks for including my apple pouch in this great selection!!!!!

Hi, I'm Helen ^_^ said...

Love apples.
Super cute selections.
I heart #9.

Suziesaurus said...

haha-i love that apple cozy!