Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i have the best sister ever

My sister recently went to London and there was only one thing I asked her to bring back for me.

When I went to London a couple of years I went crazy and had a lot of chocolate and candy there. The European chocolate just tastes better than what we have in North America. I can't explain it.

Besides the chocolate though, I also fell in love with these chewy bonbons that I found at Harrod's. I've had a couple of people go to England and bring me back bonbons, but they were always the wrong ones. Not that I'm upset when anyone brings me back candy, but I hadn't had the real bonbons since my trip.

The bonbons I lust for are round, powder-coated, chewy candies and come in many flavours, including green apple, lemon, strawberry, etc. I regretfully only brought back two small packs to Canada, so they didn't last very long.

Anyhow, my sister came through! She brought me back a pack of lemon bonbonbs from Harrod's! I'm trying to pace myself so they'll last longer than a week, but it's so hard!

If anyone knows where I can find these awesome candies here in Toronto, I'll be forever grateful!

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