Monday, April 20, 2009

deep fryer frenzy

Yesterday my husband decided to break out our Waring Pro deep fryer, which we got as a wedding gift several years ago, but have never used.

We decided to deep fry chicken wings, french fries and Mars bars. Ambitious, but it was surprisingly easy. Probably not the healthiest dinner, but we were both really excited to try this out.

We didn't do anything to the wings, we just cut them up and tossed them in.

The potatoes - I scrubbed them clean because we decided to fry them with their skins on - and then we cut them nice and thick.

And of course, for dessert, the Mars bars. I cut them into small, bite size pieces and tossed them into the freezer for a spell.

The results? Soooo yummy. The chicken wings were awesome and just as good as any wing place we've ever been to. The fries were very nice too, a touch soggy, but still well cooked.

I was most disappointed with the Mars bars. They were so messy and really gunked up the oil in the deep fryer. Plus, the batter I used for the chocolate was too thin, so it didn't stay on the chocolate and therefore the chocolate bar started to melt away. I decided to fry a second batch of the little bars in the batter I had made for some of the wings and because that batter was thicker, it ended up coating the chocolate much better.

Ok, so it didn't look like much, but they're soooo good. A little bit chewy on the outside and super melted and gooey in the middle. Mmmmm.


Lauren Alexander said...

mmmmmm....looks delicious!

Lindsey said...

Oh that sounds so good! I like my fries to be thick too.

Suziesaurus said...

Omigosh - i'm so jealous! I want to try some deep-fried mars bars! LOL