Friday, February 27, 2009

i know everyone says it, but i really mean it!

Thank Goodness It's Friday!!!

I'm especially looking forward to this weekend because it's a longer one. Because I had one lonely vacation day left over from last year and my company abides by the "use it or lose it" policy, I had until March 31 to take that one single day. So I randomly chose a Monday in March and it's this weekend!

I plan on doing NOTHING!

No, seriously, I'll probably be doing lots, just un-fun, but necessary things like grocery shopping, laundry, dinner with the in-laws (wait, did I say that out loud?) and other various chores.

Hopefully I'll be able to "ambition" myself (don't you love turning random words into verbs?) into working on Etsy shop for at least a couple of hours each day (and by working, I mean creating, not just hanging out in the forums).

What do you have planned for this weekend?

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