Friday, January 2, 2009

christmas gifts from etsy

As I've mentioned before on this blog, I've really put a lot of energy lately into re-discovering "the crafty life" and I noticed that the handcrafted spirit is extra-strong around the holiday season.

Although I did buy most of my gifts at the usual shops, I did manage to snag a few beautiful gifts on Etsy.

My sister, who is way craftier than I am, sews (which I would love to learn how to do) so I got her a couple of fun pincushions. My sister and I also share a weird affinity for fake food, so I just HAD to get her the sushi pincushion!

Sushi Pincushion by MissLittlejeans

Mini Blue Daisy Pincushion by TheBlueDaisy

And I got this stunning journal for my friend, who's a big Shakespeare fan. This journal is even more beautiful in person and I had a hard time giving it up! I may have to buy another one for myself! Elizabeth, the artist who designed the cover, has her work sold at the Globe Theatre (Shakespeare's theatre, for those of you who don't follow these things) and at Shakespeare festivals around the world and it's easy to see why! She's super talented!
Hamlet Journal by immortallongings

Not to be outdone, my sister (who I already said is way craftier than me) made me this adorable change purse from one of my favourite fabrics! It matches the wristlet purse she made me earlier this year!

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They are wonderful gifts!