Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I had a great time at the Holiday Trunk Show and sold quite a bit of my accessories.

The most popular item of the day HAD to be my Robot magnets. I made these cute magnets especially for the show, but I ran out of buttons so I could only bring a limited number of sets with me. Well, they were snapped up quite quickly and I think I was out of them within the first hour of the show.

So I'm definitely going to be making lots of these and stocking my Etsy shop - watch for them soon!

Also, I went a little crazy today and bought 10 fabric prints. I restocked some of the robot fabric, but also bought lots of adorable new prints, including honeybees, sailor boys, owls and daschunds. I can't wait to start creating new buttons!

Of course, that means I need to re-stock on blank buttons. It seems I'm ALWAYS running out of blank buttons!

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my little Aura said...

Beautiful jewelry, love the florcita rockera!!!