Monday, December 8, 2008

the holiday trunk show at the workroom

As you all may know (since I've talked about nothing else on this blog lately), I took part in my first ever Trunk Show yesterday! It was held at "the workroom", a lovely fabric/supply shop that also holds craft classes and rents space/machines by the hour - a great little hub of craftiness in Toronto!

I had less than 2 weeks to prepare for the show, so I was definitely busy! I created new packaging for my products (which I love so much, I'll be using this method permanently from now on), prepped an old, beat-up case, printed business cards, etc, etc. Check out my display, all set up!

And yes, I was drooling at all the pretty fabric the workroom had for sale (you can see some of it in the background of my display!)

I wasn't the only one preparing for the show! My amazing sister, Suziesaurus, came along to support me and handmade me this beautiful mini "apron" - it had pockets for a pen, my phone, a little notepad and all my change!

It was busy from open to close and I not only had a fun day, I met lots of other great local crafters, including the talents behind Karissa Cove, Operation Sock Monkey, Dear Sukie, pupa pupa, lines by davis and many others (which you'll probably see show up on this blog sooner or later. )

Special thanks again to Karyn from the workroom, for giving me this amazing opportunity to sell in-person for the first time and to meet such a wonderful and supportive group of people!

images: all images taken by and belong to Suziesaurus

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

Looking fantastic! I wear an apron like that too :) I like having my money on me so I don't ever have to worry about it, and it's also sooo handy for the cell phone and pens! Congrats on the show :D