Friday, September 26, 2008

life sucks right now...

Ugh, I haven't created any new fabric buttons or accessories in several days now because I've been sick. :(

I suffer from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) which means that sometimes I wake up and the room will just spin (well, seem to spin) and it makes me nauseous. And whenever I move my head, the room spins again and I just get dizzier and dizzier. Needless to say it basically incapacitates me and I'm stuck in bed, barely able to move. And the nausea makes me lose my appetite as well.

Lucky I have a laptop, so I can sit EXTREMELY still and surf the internet, but I can't even do that for long periods of time because my eye movement triggers more dizzy spells (BPPV sounds fun, doesn't it?) *sigh*

And like many craft people, sitting still and doing nothing drives me CRAZY!

So no new items for me and even if I could create a few buttons there's no way I could photograph them, but I have been trying to keep up promoting pandacub in the meantime.


June Shin said...

That sounds awful! I hope you feel better soon!

Jen said...

Wow, that stinks! I hope you can recover quickly! I look forward to your posts!

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