Wednesday, September 24, 2008

fabric obsessions and lack of space

Before I started making these adorable fabric buttons, I could never understand the fascination for fabric that I kept hearing about on Etsy. And then I started making buttons...

I'm completely obsessed with fabric now. And here's the problem - I'm not set up to deal with a fabric obsession!

My first Etsy shop, bluepebble, sells jewellery, so my "office space" is well set up to make necklaces and earrings - lots of little tool shelves with tiny drawers holding many, many wire findings and room for my tools.

So now that I have a whole new set of supplies and tools, I have no where to set up shop! Ack! And when you have fallen in love with fabric so suddenly and unexpectedly, it's scary.

Less than 48 hours after my shopping foray to Fabricland, I succumbed to my fabric lust and bought 5 fabrics from a great Etsy shop, sweetflavor. Adorable rabbits, deer, and hedghogs (I love hedgehogs!). Of course, it helped that I just sold another necklace on bluepebble and had a little extra cash in my Paypal account (what goes in, must come out!)

Yay - more fabric button happiness to come!


Erzuli Mojo said...

I totally empathize -- I started with fabric, though,and moved to beads -- an easier transition. But I'm still a terrible lustful collector of both -- sometimes my craft room looks like a nest!

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

erzuli - I guess a lot of crafty people are also horrible horders! :) I'm such a packrat!