Friday, January 14, 2011

discovering tea: tassimo twinings green tea

brand: twinings
tea type: green tea
brew method: tassimo system

colour of brewed tea: medium green/brown

I was surprised at how dark the Twinings green tea came out of the Tassimo system, but since it's brewed using their "bar code" system I knew that the proper amount of water was being used.

This tea has a medium-strong green tea flavour, with no bitterness or tartness. It's relatively smooth, with no "tannic" leaf aftertaste nor is there a change to the flavour on the tongue. It's unassuming, mild and is a great "quick" green tea.

This is also an ideal green tea for those that aren't used to drinking green tea and want to try it out. To me, it's about average in everything and so there won't be any extra taste surprises to the new green tea drinker.

For those that drink green tea quite often and prefer something more suited to their own developed tastes, this tea will be a little boring, but it's the only green tea current in the Tassimo line-up, so it's a good T-disc to have handy.


Malixi Marketing said...

Nice post!
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kathie said...

This one sounds more my speed. I am not a fan of green tea but am trying to drink more. I think they even have this at my grocery store.

Stephanie/pandacub said...

kathie - give it a try (if you have a Tassimo, that is). and keep an eye out for future green tea reviews. I have a bunch that I need to try so maybe some of my other favourites will help you enjoy green tea more!