Thursday, September 23, 2010

leaving on a jet plane...

pandacub is officially leaving the country!

I'm leaving later today to fly to Hong Kong with my hubby, sis and brother-in-law! Very excited as it's a 2-week trip and I've never taken this much time off work.

I'll try to get onto the blog at least once or twice while I'm away, and hope to share some photos with everyone soon!

While I'm away, I'm leaving my pandacub Etsy shop open, but no purchases will be shipped until Oct 12, when I'm back. To make up for the delays, I'm offering free shipping on everything in the shop!

See you soon!


mizdarlin said...

That's exciting! The last thing you should worry about is your Etsy shop-go, have a fabulous time, take lots of pictures, and report back to us- who have to go to foreign lands vicariously, through you!

Celtic Cat said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip!