Monday, November 1, 2010

sock monkey power for the holidays

Want to add a cute touch to your holiday gifts, as well as help out a good cause?

Normally every time someone buys a sock monkey brooch from pandacub, I donate $1.50 to Operation Sock Monkey (which is 50% of the selling price of the brooch), but for the entire month of November, I will be donating 100% of the selling price ($3.00) to OSM!

Operation Sock Monkey, run by my friend Lindsay, is an initiative that supports Clowns Without Borders South Africa (CWBSA). CWBSA is an amazing organization that provides laughter, hope and healing to communities affected by HIV/AIDS. I'm hoping that with your help, we can help OSM and CWBSA continue to bring smiles and laughter to children who are in much need of it.

The sock monkey brooches are available in 3 different colours and 3 different poses, so why not add a brooch to your gift packaging this year. You'll add a touch of whimsy to your gifts and help out OSM at the same time!

1 comment:

Ivette said...

the sock monkey buttons are awesome!, make more of them soon.