Thursday, October 15, 2009

pandacub travels to...Las Vegas, USA

This one is real, actually, as The Hubby and I have booked a trip to Las Vegas in November (hopefully this goes through, as our September trip was cancelled). We've never been and wanted to go and see what all the fuss is about. Neither one of us gamble, so we're there more for the lights, the sights, the sounds and the food!

Left to right:
Top row:
1. Vegas Vacation - 1.25 inch Pinback Buttons (8), $8.00 by stoopidgerl
2. Photo of Stone Angels and Roman Columns at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas - 5x7, $6.00 by mycraftyfamily
3. Going to the Chapel original painting vegas wedding vintage lounge lizard style by JSANDQUIST, $200.00 by Jsandquist

Middle row:
4. Las Vegas Skyline Cuff, Laser cut and Laser Etched, Hand Painted Acrylic, $35.00 by GetPersonalArt
5. Las Vegas Sign Necklace, $30.00 by plasticbat
6. Enjoy the View, $25.00 by PicturingThis

Bottom row:
7. Las Vegas Map Pinback Button Set, $3.00 by XOHandworks
8. Blingin Las Vegas Poker Chip Pendant, $12.00 by AForestFrolic
9. Las Vegas - Palm Trees - Wall Decals , $80.00 by BadassCustomDecals


Anonymous said...

I'm not a gambler either but did go with the family about 11 years ago. I love the sites. My favorite was the volcano. You have to see that. So much has been added since I was there that we want to go back. I hear the water fountains are awesome to watch. Not sure where thats at. Hope you have fun.

Anonymous said...

The fountains are infront of the Bellagio hotel!