Sunday, September 27, 2009

sneak attack!

A few months ago I participated in my first Sneak Attack and got an AWESOME blue maple leaf hair pin (perfect for when I go to hockey games - you'll get that if you're a NHL fan).

Since then I've been a big fan of Sneak Attacks. The team is so supportive and full of lovely Etsians who are supportive, encouraging and super fun! I'm so glad I joined this group and they have welcomed me with open arms.

I decided to take a more active part with the team and am sponsoring my first Sneak Attack tomorrow (Monday, September 28, 2009). As a sponsor I'm responsible for choosing the next shop "victims" and I'm very excited with the shops I found!

To learn more about Sneak Attacks and to participate (and see the shops I picked), check out the web site at

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