Wednesday, August 19, 2009

pandacub wants...bacon

Nothing says breakfast to me like bacon (and hash browns, and pork sausages, and panckes...) Hmmmmmm...

Anyhow, the smell of bacon sizzling on a pan on a Saturday morning is awesome. I wasn't too surprised that there were a lot of crafty things inspired by the yummy bacon on Etsy, but still...there were A LOT of items!

By the way, chocolate-covered BACON??? How in the sweet-world have I not tried this yet?

Left to right:

Top row:
1. The Bacon Box, $16.95 by lucachocolate
2. Happy Bacon Buddies - handcrafted clay jewelry set, $12.00 by closetoyourheart
3. King Of Meats Print 5x5, $10.00 by waterbears

Middle row:
4. Yummy Bacon Necklace polymer clay, $20.00 by MistyAurora
5. bacon lover greeting card, $3.00 by willotoons
6. Dancing Bacon Magnet, $1.25 by KungFuCowgirl

Bottom row:
7. Tastes Like Bacon, $32.00 by diffractionfiber
8. 4 slices of bacon - vegan soap, $4.00 by DirtyAssSoaps
9. hand painted silk bacon scarf, $57.00 by crrysstall


Sarah said...

thank you so much for including my bacon buddies in your blog :D i'm honored!

and WHAT! chocolate covered bacon? must. have. now.

Crystal J. Robinson said...

Thanks for including my scarf! I'm so flattered! Yummy finds.

jesse said...

have you seen these bacon products?



Lindsey said...

Mmmmm, bacon. I really want to try that chocolate covered bacon, but looking at the price I might have to try a DIY version at home.

missknits said...

what? chocolate bacon??? omg! lol how have i not heard of this either!

Dina said...

yummy yummy but so bad for me!!