Saturday, April 25, 2009

snail hunting

My parents have a a decent-sized front and back yard and growing up, I spent a lot of time playing outside. But I had NEVER seen a snail before. Ants, worms and all the other yucky bugs were in full force, but never snails.

In the past year, every time I'm in the yard, I've noticed snails. It's quite odd. I'm not sure if the snail population in Toronto has boomed, or if there's something in our yard that's more favourable to snails, but there they always are, these teeny little snails, on the grass, on the bushes, under our barbecue (my husband accidentally stepped on one and thought it was an egg until we looked closer - ugh).

Now I'm fascinated with them. I've even said a couple of times that I want to start a terrarium and collect a few of the snails and raise them. As I announced, "free pets!" - my husband looked at me like I was crazy. Then I started reading about what I needed to do to keep snails and I kind of gave up. Of course, the next time I see another snail in the yard, I'll probably have the exact same thoughts again anyway.

I also don't think I'd find them so fascinating without their cute little shells - yuck - slugs!

All these snail photos were taken of teeny, tiny snails in our yard that I found within a 3 minute span.


Suziesaurus said...

first of all - you are so weird. lol.

second of all - i have also noticed an increase in snails everywhere i go.

third of all - that last picture is abolutely amazing!

nataliajay said...

I have a pet snail just like the first one you have pictures, with the dark stripes, and it's pretty easy. I have a small pet carrier that I bought at a pet supply store, I use hermit crab soil on the bottom, and keep it moist, he has a little water dish with a palm tree that he likes to climb on, and I keep a cuttlefish bone in the cage, as well as a humidity gauge so I can keep the humidity between 70-100%. It's pretty easy, and they are entertaining to watch!