Thursday, March 5, 2009

making the etsy front page...

Yesterday, I snuck in a break at work and logged onto Etsy only to almost have a heart attack. There...on the front page of the main Etsy button pin!!!

I almost yelled out, but then remember I was at work. I quickly dialed up my hubby, who was very happy for me (but kind of didn't understand the excitement) and then emailed my sister with the news.

For those of you who are regular visitors to Etsy, you'll know the big deal. For the rest, believe me, it's a nice little pick-me-up. Although it's not a guaranteed sale (my item didn't sell), it's great exposure to all the visitors to Etsy who may have never seen my shop before. You can make the Front Page (aka "FP") by either being in a treasury put together by another seller that Etsy admin like, or Etsy admin randomly search for items using a fun search term (in this case, the word "smile" and put some of their favourite items up.

Although many people complain that the same sellers appear on the FP over and over and over again, this was my first time, and I was shocked that I actually witnessed it since the FP changes over quite quickly (about every 30 minutes or so during peak shopping times).

Here's what the FP (with my item, "smiling . brooch / pin ." in the first row) looked like (click on the image for a larger version):

Just to let you know how the approximately 30 minutes on the main page affected my shop's exposure:

Prior to the main page hoopla:
- my shop had 417 "hearts" (people marking me as a favourite shop)
- "smiling . brooch / pin ." had 3 views
- "smiling . brooch / pin ." had 0 "hearts" (people marking the item as a favourite)

Five minutes after my item left the front page, I checked my stats again:
- my shop had 425 hearts
- "smiling . brooch / pin ." had 152 views
- "smiling . brooch / pin ." had 9 hearts

Not bad, huh? Lesson learned - take great photos, and use solid tag words!

Want to be the one who scoops up this cute little pin for yourself - it's only $2.75 USD! Check out my shop to see if one's available!

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Amber said...

Oh congrats! Best feeling in the world isn't it :D