Wednesday, March 18, 2009

blue pebble re-launch and opening weekend sale!

After many sleepless nights and hours wasted daydreaming, I've decided to re-launch my jewellery shop, blue pebble. I love creating romantic, vintage-inspired jewellery and started blue pebble early last year, but it started to get neglected when my pandacub button accessories took off much faster than I had ever dreamed of. Needless to say, blue pebble suffered and I reluctantly closed the shop while I concentrated on building pandacub.

Now that I have streamlined some of the day-to-day processes of pandacub and have a few extra hours every week, I can't stop thinking about my jewellery. I started listing a few necklaces and earrings here and there on pandacub, but it kind of bugged me to see my adored buttons sharing their happy space with more elegant, non-button jewellery and the jewellery getting lost in the cuteness of my buttons. So, after a couple weeks of agonized deliberation, I decided to separate the two and give them each their own space and personality.

Now I know many Etsians warn about the pitfalls of having 2 (or more) shops, but I refuse to let 2 shops equal 2 times the work. I plan on talking about both shops in 1 blog (this 1), 1 twitter account and 1 flickr account. That should cut down on my work so I can concentrate on creating more accessories!

So, that means that pandacub will soon be back to selling button accessories exclusively, while all the pretty non-button goodies will be sold in blue pebble. I'll be starting to list items tonight, so please come by for a peek!

To celebrate the re-launch of blue pebble, this weekend (March 21-22), all purchases in blue pebble ship FREE, to anywhere in the world! Please come and visit my new shop and help me spread the word!

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