Tuesday, February 17, 2009

trying out new things...

So I've filled my shop with buttons, bobby pins, ponytail ties and rings...what's next? Always on the lookout to create even more things, I'm in the process of adding even more goodies to pandacub's line of accessories!

Coming soon are button cufflink and button earrings (just waiting on some supplies), but this past weekend I introduced button brooches/pinbacks and non-button necklaces and earrings!

Now, the jewellery is a bit of a curveball, since, up until now, my shop has only been selling button-related accessories. To understand the jewellery thing, I'll have to take you back...waaay back.

I've always been obsessed with beads (am I part magpie?) since I was a child. I just can't resist them - shiny, colourful, sparkly...so a few years ago I finally decided to put my obsession (and growing bead collection) to good use and started making my own jewellery. Next thing I knew, I had lots of pretty necklaces and earrings and not enough time to wear it all. I started giving some away as gifts, but also toyed with the idea of selling them

A couple of years ago, when I first discovered Etsy, I opened up my first shop, blue pebble, and started selling my jewellery. I sold a few pieces, but just didn't have the time to fully devote myself to the amount of work that went into a successful business. So I took a break.

Then I fell in love with my little fabric buttons and a new obsession (with fabric) was born.

Last month, though, I glanced longingly at my racks and racks of beads and findings and half-finished necklaces and decided that I just couldn't let that part of me go. My wonderful sister, suziesaurus, who's my semi-business partner, encouraged me to start selling non-button goodies on pandacub as well, so here we are!

I'm a little weary about branching out, as I know many veteran Etsians preach "find your specialty, stick to it", but to me, it's still all about creating fun and affordable accessories to make every day life a little more sweet, whether it's button-related or not - I hope you agree!

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