Sunday, December 14, 2008

re-discovering the crafty life

When I started out this little blog, the idea was to promote my new Etsy Shop, pandacub, and to share some of the other great crafty things I've discovered on Etsy.

But the more time I spent on Etsy, and the more wonderfully talented people I met, I realized that I wanted to share more than just "Etsy-ness". I wanted to share other fun things that were happening in my life. As my sister and husband often complain, I change hobbies every month or so and although I've tried to get better at sticking to one hobby for longer periods of time, I'm enjoying re-discovering all these fun crafts!

I'm still loving my little fabric buttons, but something I've ALWAYS wanted to do was make my own buttons. The pin kind with fun sayings and cute graphics. When I first started thinking of ideas for my Etsy shop, I had wanted to do buttons, but the button machine is uber-expensive and I just couldn't justify it, so I looked into other areas.

Now, my mind has been wandering back to button machines again and trying to figure out how I could finance one of my own... ;)

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