Monday, December 1, 2008

pandacub's first show!

I'm so excited! As mentioned in a previous post, I'll be "peddling my wares" at the workroom's Holiday Trunk Show. If you live in the Toronto area, or happen to be there on the right date, I'd love to meet you! There will be some free snacks, great vendors selling lovely handmade items, lots of crafty people having a fun time, and did I mention free snacks??! :D

Check out this flickr page for all the info, including a list of vendors and photos of the pretty things you can buy. I've already spotted a few things to get for myself - I can't wait!

Click on the flyer to get a larger version that you can actually read! LOL

It's going to be my first time selling "in-person" so I'm both excited and nervous. Those butterflies are starting to swarm in my tummy! I've been a busy little panda, putting together packages and getting other business-related things together (receipts, business cards, change, etc).

Hope to see you all there!

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Lauren Alexander said...

sounds like fun! You will be so glad you did that. Good luck!