Monday, December 29, 2008

pandacub's exclusive loyalty program - get free stuff!

New for 2009 - pandacub's "Frequent Buyers" program! Are you as excited about this as I am (probably not, but you will be!)?

To celebrate the new year, I'm launching a fun little program to reward my loyal customers.

Every time you reach 10 items purchased from my Etsy shop, pandacub, you get your choice of a free pair of bobby pins, hair clips or ponytail holders!


How does it work?

1. Make your purchases from pandacub as normal
2. I'll keep track of your purchases
3. Once you reach 10 items purchased (it can be any combination - ie, 10 purchases of 1 item each, 1 purchase of 10 items, it doesn't matter) I will send a special "thank you" card along with your most recent purchase that has a special code just for you
4. The code is valid for ONE free pair of bobby pins OR hair clips OR ponytail holders of your choice and includes free shipping! Just return to my Etsy shop, pick your free item and "purchase" it (but you don't have to pay for it!) and remember to use your code in the "Notes to Seller" section

Is there a limit to how many free items I can get through this program?
No! Once you hit 10 items purchased and get your free item, I start counting your total again, which means every time you hit 10 items purchased, you get free stuff!

What if I've made purchases in the past, before I found out about this great program?
No worries - I'm going back and making sure all my past customers get to take advantage too. If you have made any purchases in 2008 from pandacub, those purchases count towards your total, so you may already be on your way to free things!

Other things you should know about this program:
- The free item does not count towards your total items purchased
- Transactions are tallied by Etsy account, so if you purchase from two different Etsy accounts, your totals will not combined
- You will receive your free item code with every 10th item purchase
- Each code is specific to your Etsy account and cannot be transferred to another person/Etsy buyer
- Each code is only valid for one item and cannot be used more than once

Still have questions about this program and how it works? Email me at!

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