Wednesday, November 12, 2008

in the cafe spotlight: JoannaGoldman

Featured Etsian: JoannaGoldman
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Give us the basics:

I'm in Montreal, Canada, and i specialize in all things cute!

What’s your favourite smell?
Coconut bodybutter from The Body Shop. I seriously can never get enough of it!

Set of 7 Mini Greeting Cards with Hand Made Envelopes (by JoannaGoldman)

How long have you been doing your craft?
I've been drawing all my life, but selling for a couple years.

What’s a normal day for you?
I wake up, take the train to my day job (Motion Graphics/ Visual Effects Artist), get to my desk, have my tea, browse Etsy for a bit, do some work, doodle while my work is rendering, go home and turn my doodles into pieces that I eventually list on Etsy! Then I go to bed! :)

What advice would you give Etsy sellers just starting out?
Try not to get discouraged too easily. Selling your art is hard work, but worth it in the end.

How do you discover new things on Etsy?
Treasuries and pounce are my favorite browsing methods right now.

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