Saturday, October 25, 2008

in the cafe spotlight: MeaCulpaBodyandBath

Featured Etsian: MeaCulpaBodyandBath
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Give us the basics:
My stores name is Mea Culpa Bath and Body. I am located in Metro Detroit, Michigan. I like making massage oils, aromatherapy things, shampoos, lotions, body sprays, conditioners, shower gels....anything to do with I usually use therapeutic essential oils, but sometimes make something only for the smell with the fragrant ones.

What’s your favourite smell?
Ummmm.....only one? The sandalwood essential oil has me. It really does.Also the Rose Morroc, breath taking...Champa I cant

How long have you been doing your craft?
Does it mean if you are a newbie your things are not as good? I don't think so. I have been doing this only for a couple of months, though.

Who/What inspires you in your craft?
Just the aroma when I open my box with oils gives me inspiration. Also, I love finding use for the oils in homeopathy, helping people to heal naturally - that motivates me.

What do you like least about your craft?
Ohhhhh...the headaches I get from working on new scents for too long.

What’s a normal day for you?
Long, long days...getting my 6 year old ready for school, taking care of the 3 year old at home, 2 dogs and a husband. And in the meantime I get to squeeze in working on my craft, networking on the internet. It gets overwhelming, but I am not complaining.

What advice would you give Etsy sellers just starting out?
I wish I could. I am just starting out myself. The only thing I can say - don't ever give up! Always have a vision in your mind that you have made it. Never doubt yourself.

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