Sunday, October 5, 2008

in the cafe spotlight: brookberrys

Featured Etsian: brookberrys
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Initial Wall Hanging - Letter A (by brookberrys)

Give us the basics:

* Etsy Name: Brookberrys (
* Location: Guyton (outside of Savannah), Georgia
* What I make: Anything and everything. I started by listing my illuminated light panels after being convinced to sell them by my boyfriend. But I can never stick with just one craft, so I also sell necklaces, and may begin selling some knit items as well.

What’s your favourite smell?
* You can never go wrong with vanilla, but I also love pumpkin and cinnamon, smells that make me think of Fall and Winter.

How long have you been doing your craft?
* I've been making wall panels for just a few months, but I have been making crafts for as long as I can remember.

Who/What inspires you in your craft?
* I get inspired by either seeing other items that I like, or I make things out of necessity. I can up with the idea to make a light panel because I had a bare wall in a dark hallway. The illuminated light panel serves as wall art, and also as a light. It is functional, but creative as well.

Jack O Lantern Illuminated Wall Panel, Halloween Decor (by brookberrys)

What do you like least about your craft?
* Hmm, how about the fact that I haven't sold one yet! My office is overflowing with them, which is great if the power ever goes out. I have enough illuminated panels to light the whole neighborhood!

What’s a normal day for you?
* I'm a graphic designer by day, so I head to work every morning, check my email and Etsy, and try to get on the Etsy forums throughout the day. In the evenings I come home and usually knit while I watch TV.

What advice would you give Etsy sellers just starting out?
* PLEASE do not get discouraged if you do not make a sale immediately. I can't tell you how many times I have seen someone asking "What's wrong" in the forums when they're been open for a week and don't know why they haven't sold anything. Welcome to the club. Just sit back and be patient. It will happen.

How do you discover new things on Etsy?
* I like Pounce. Not just the Undiscovered sellers, but I've been able to find lots of great supply sellers in the "Just Sold" category. I also like the forums, I've purchased a few items from sellers who I met in the forums.

Candy Swirl Necklace (by brookberrys)

Here's a heads-up, brookeberrys is planning to have a sale mid-October. Anyone interested can sign up for my email newsletter on my website,, if they would like to be informed about the sale.


Meekiyu said...

the candy necklace looks so luscious and the the light up jack o lantern is awesome for Halloween!

Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

oh my I just love the Jack O Lantern Illuminated Wall Panel. So cool.

Jen said...

What a fun shop! I just love everything in there!!!

Lindsey said...

Thank you! :)